Unlock the full potential of your organization with Incipio's robust suite of features. Designed for businesses seeking operational excellence, our platform empowers you to seamlessly align strategy and performance, driving meaningful results. Dive into the powerful capabilities that set Incipio apart and see how we can transform your business operations.

Company OKRs

Streamline strategic objectives and key results across your organization with Incipio's intuitive OKR management tools. Set, track, and manage goals to align efforts and accelerate success.

Team Check-Ins

Deliver your OKR reviews on a set date or allow your users to check in at their own pace.

KPI Tracking

Keep your team on track with automated reminders to update their OKRs.


Every objective and key result is securely stored and easy to access.

Performance Reviews

Conduct comprehensive performance evaluations with customized review cycles that integrate seamlessly into daily workflows, providing real-time, actionable.

360° Feedback Questionnaires

Habits can be turned into specific time-based challenges that help a broader community stay connected and accountable

P2P Feedback

Subscribe select users to a specific habit automatically, or let them setup a custom time that fits their schedule.

AI Summaries

Habits can be setup individually or as a group to encourage further accountability and support.

Health Reports

Gain a comprehensive view of your organization's health with detailed reports that provide insights into the status of OKRs, team dynamics, and individual performance. Use these insights to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and drive success across all levels of your organization.

OKR Health Reports

Track the progress and effectiveness of organizational OKRs with detailed metrics and actionable insights.

Team Health Reports

Assess team performance, collaboration, and engagement to enhance productivity and goal achievement.

Individual Health Reports

Provide personalized insights into individual performance and development to support growth and contribution.

Employee Performance Plans

Manage all your users, content, and data in one place. Tether's dashboard gives you access to detailed analytics and metrics to track engagement.

Monitor Engagement and Performance

Gain insights into how your employees are performing and engaging with their objectives. Use detailed metrics to understand and improve team dynamics and productivity.

Detailed Analytics and Insights

Access in-depth data on employee performance, including key performance indicators and progress tracking. Make data-driven decisions to foster growth and success within your team.

Efficient Management of Employee Data

Easily manage, update, and control employee performance plans and reviews. Streamline the process of setting, monitoring, and achieving performance goals to ensure everyone stays on track.

AI Assistant

Track the progress of individual and team goals in real-time, ensuring alignment with broader organizational objectives.

Improvement suggestions​

Break down goals into manageable milestones for better tracking.

Forecast OKR progress​

Receive notifications on goal progress and any adjustments needed.

Risk Assessment

Ensure every goal aligns with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Feedback & Recognition

Promote a culture of continuous improvement and recognition with tools that facilitate regular feedback and celebrate achievements.

Continuous feedback loops:

Enable ongoing feedback between team members and managers.

Recognition programs

Highlight and reward individual and team achievements.

Ask whatever you want

Analyze feedback trends to improve team performance and morale.

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